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Our Services from A to Z

Space: 1. the context (local, physical, social) in which there is and / or acts (someone / something) 2. place environment, area or part of area open / closed restricted 3. covered or non-covered building or part of a building intended for a specific activity 4. arch space, connected with the noun "country" from which it was semantically separated, expressing mainly the specific space, the extent to which specific events take place, like a stadium, a mall, a music hall, a multipurpose space.

Management: 1. the set of actions one takes to sort out, resolve or promote issues of competence his way of handling them 2. the management, the way it is managed (someone / something) 3. the set of persons who run a department, organization, company, institution, etc 4. administrative (science, art) business administration 5. the set of operations and methods that constitute the technique of management and organization of a company.

Communication, promotion & promotion strategy 

  • Optimization and redefinition of space functions

  • Business intelligence -Crisis management

  • Creating communication strategies

  • Creating marketing strategies

  • Measurements and market research

  • Sales organization

  • Creation of a public relations and press office

  • Placement and distribution of billboards, posters, banners

  • Finding sponsorships and advertisers

  • Design and creation of printed material

  • Planning and organizing events

  • Promotion of spaces and facilities

  • Design / design of outdoor and indoor spaces

  • Impression marketing -Design and distribution of goods

  • Traffic management and traffic generation

  • Ticket services

Planning, availability & space operation

  • Customer service office

  • Human resources management and training

  • Distribution and marketing of common areas

  • Distribution of spaces

  • Preventive maintenance of machinery or space systems

  • Planning and space management

  • Catering services

  • Consulting services for the development of the spaces

  • Consulting services to maximize their uses and revenues

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