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Entertainment Economy: Resource management using entertainment actions and applications

Entertainment: 1. The satisfaction of the soul through various activities (shows, dance, music, song, sports, etc.) 2. the recreation 3. initial meaning "guidance of souls, persuasion, manipulation" 4. the present meaning comes from the later language, where the word denoted leisure, entertainment, and especially the "education of the soul" caused by the teaching of a tragedy or the reading of a poem 5. pleasure from creative pursuit.

Economy: 1. The management of income and expenses, material goods, resources and spaces 2. the art of making better use of the resources available to you 3. the total of activities, institutions and means related to the production and consumption of material goods, the satisfaction of material needs within a society, public / global / healthy / robust / strong / competitive 4. the use of the necessary amount of time, good energy etc. to achieve the desired result.

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